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2017 Capstone Exhibition dedicated to Jasmine

jamine2017 Capstone Exhibition Opens Friday, May 5th, 2017

The 2017 Capstone exhibit is dedicated to Jasmine R. R. Spiegel, a passionate artist, an amazing teacher, a wonderful colleague, and a good friend. May she live on in our hearts. May we remember everything she taught us, and may we move through life with light, wonder, and awe. We love you, Jasmine. Rest in Peace.


As you look at the Capstone exhibit this year (opening Friday, May 5th), we invite you to think about what these young artists and writers are communicating through their work. How are our young da Vinci artists re-thinking, re-imagining, and re-defining skill? The following is a quote by Jerry Saltz, a well known American art critic for the New York Times.

“I don’t look for skill in art…Skill has nothing to do with technical proficiency… I’m interested in people who rethink skill, who redefine or reimagine it: an engineer, say, who builds rockets from rocks. I’m looking for what the artist is trying to say and what he or she is actually saying, what the work reveals about society and the timeless conditions of being alive.” -Jerry Saltz, Artnet Magazine

Enjoy the show!

Kelda, Austin, Jessica, Alison, and Chelsea


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