3-D Art, Ceramics, Printmaking, Textiles

Digital SLR Cameras for Kids

For teacher appreciation week, Go Fund me is offering $100 for campaigns that benefit classrooms, as long as the campaign is created this week. I just need to raise over $100 comprised of at least five (5) different campaign donors by May 13th, 2016, and they will give us $100 toward the campaign.

I’m currently using my own personal DSLR (digital) camera to document student artwork for capstone portfolios. I would love to have several DSLR digital cameras for student use so that I could teach students how to professionally document their own artwork. I also think that having a few digital cameras would be very useful for ALL of my visual arts students, and could be utilized for various reasons through out the creative process. For example, we could use them to document inspiration, create blog posts, and as an art form in itself. da Vinci doesn’t currently offer digital photography, but I would love to be able to infuse digital photography skills into the 3D art and Textiles curriculum by having several digital cameras available for student use. If you are interested in donating toward this venture, simply Click here to donate.  Thanks for your support!


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