Ceramic FEAST in progress

Year long ceramics student have started a collaborative “FEAST” installation that will be displayed in the gallery in April alongside Printmaking and Painting students 2-D artworks inspired by food. The essential question? “What foods are part of your everyday life?” Students learned about pop artist Claes Oldenburg, California funk artist David Gilhooly, and Marilyn Lysohir’s ceramic installation, “Bad Manners.” We discussed how scale, repetition, and an unlikely combination of foods might make the final installation surreal. So far we have the following foods in progress: pizza, pancakes, sushi with fingers, cake, cupcakes, pizza, cherry pie, hot dogs, donuts, a large turkey, hamburgers, oversized massive cookies, tacos, burritos, pretzels, and more! I’m not noticing a lot of vegetables. Hmm. Maybe dessert and junk food is just more fun to make? Oh wait, there is a student making bananas! IMG_6004




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